101 Sustainable Ideas for Better Tourism

Working together with forward-thinking Göteborg & Co, destination leader in sustainable tourism, GROUP NAO has been proud to be part of launching 101sustainableideas.com, where everyone is invited to explore 101 ideas and examples of how to create more regenerative and sustainable tourism.

Throughout 2020, Group NAO has explored, researched, curated and categorized 101 ideas from all over the world for better and more sustainable tourism.

The 101 ideas have all been categorised across the UN Sustainable Development Goals and are available to explore on the website, where people are also invited to nominate and share more ideas.

The 101 ideas now on the website are just the beginning, they are not an exhaustive list. In fact, 101 as a number refers to the starting level of something and that is also the message here. This is the starting point of inspiration for how we rebuild and reimagine tourism as a resource to develop and support thriving local and global communities and push forward sustainable development.


Göteborg & Co


Göteborg & Co


Concept and strategy development, research and curation of global tourism initiatives, framing and case production, categorisation, communication strategy and digital platform concept for further growth.