In close cooperation with European Cities Marketing, Group NAO is programming and developing the member organization’s two scheduled conferences in spring and summer 2020. Each conference aims to expose urban destination members with inspiring practices and forward thinkers within agendas that influence and impact the development of destinations and the work of Destination Marketing / Management Organisations across Europe.

In Poznan, Poland from June 10-12, 2020, we’re excited to put “culture” upfront and centerstage. Within the theme of Cities Powered by Culture, the conference zooms in on culture as the city’s soft power – the root of competitive advantage and the basis of a city’s global position of influence and power. We will be diving into culture as the factor that often tips the choice between one destination or another, as the factor which shapes the attraction of cities, forms urban identity and enforces the city’s reputative quality.

In many ways, it’s about #localhood – that which makes a city feel like somewhere and not just anywhere. The mosaic of narratives, ideas, promises, performances, arts and people that empower cities and destinations.

We’re looking for speakers that get it and do it! That work, shape and challenge the culture of cities as the meaning and matter of your identity and competitive edge. We are looking for cultural innovators, thought leaders and change makers with inspiration and passion to share – preferably as concrete and meaningful as possible.

So, contact us if…

    • You have really shareworthy insights in the role of culture in shaping, activating and narrating the soft power of destinations, the voice and importance of culture and cultural experience to destinations and in bridging the (often surprisingly large) gap between culture and tourism collaboration.
    • You have inspiring examples and experience to share in empowering a city’s cultural scene, the arts, the innovative and creative communities with a view to build or strengthen urban identity.
    • You are at the forefront of bridging culture, urban identity, soft power influence and tourism. This is a conference, where we take culture seriously as essential to making or breaking the competitive edge of our destinations.
    • You are a museum or cultural professional with unique views and initiatives to inspire and challenge the DMO approach to and collaboration with cultural institutions.
    • You organized or worked with a big conference, where culture played a key role in attracting, developing, hosting and evaluating the conference.
    • You have theories and concepts that create a stronger understanding of or adds perspective to the power of culture in creating meaning and matter to urban destinations. Or you’ve done research in the value of tourism beyond bednights and revenue – in legacy, influence and persuasion, which affects bottom line and positions of power.

We want you to challenge the thoughts and ideas of how cities, tourism and culture could and should work together and how their respective roles in shaping urban communities and identity are interlinked.
We look forward to hearing your ideas and leads. In our evaluation of all suggested speakers, we always look for content and quality first, while always also striving for balance and diversity.
Please submit your proposals and leads to Peter Rømer Hansen of Group NAO before December 23rd 2019. Expect to hear from us in early January 2020.