In Mandarin, the character 脑 (NǍO) means brain or mind, while the character 闹 (NÀO) refers to noise and forms part of the description of something both lively and noisy.

And, finally, na0 is internet geek for an impatient NOW!

Group NAO is the combined brain power of you and me (because you’re only ever as good as the people, you surround yourself with). And at our very core is a really impatient and ambitious curiosity to see what comes next and what we can do to make it more.


NAO people are aspiring polymaths

We believe that problems are best solved collaboratively and working across sectors and industries. NAO people are creative thinkers and experienced strategists, strong analysts and focused doers, ideating developers and constructive nonconformists. We set the bar sky high and expect you do too, because you are only ever as good as the people you surround yourself with.

Signe Jungersted

CEO, Founding Partner

Signe leads the innovative and (impatient) forward-seeking NAO culture and approach. She’s is a constant cross-industry student of anything and all things curiously interesting. She is a focused professional, starting from insights and research, moving forward with strong strategic concepts that are sharply, playfully and noticeably communicated. She’s a sought-after international keynote speaker on strategy, trends and destination development.
Before NAO, Signe left her mark as Director of Development with Wonderful Copenhagen. She invented the concept of localhood as part of designing and developing the organization’s 2020-strategy: ”The End of Tourism – as we know it”. Signe was also responsible for concept and development of the 10XCopenhagen project – rethinking tourism in Copenhagen towards 2030. Her track record also includes the idea, concept and development of innovation projects Chinavia, TourismX and Tourism+Culture Lab.
In 2017, Signe was identified as among Denmark’s Top 100 Business talents. She also works as board member of Odense City Museums.

Contact Signe Jungersted on Signe@groupnao.com / +45 23383061

Peter Rømer Hansen

CCO, Founding Partner of Group NAO

Peter leads commercial relations and new business of NAO. Peter is the strategic giraffe who raises above the everyday conundrums to envision a tomorrow that is both more and better than today.
Before NAO, Peter Rømer Hansen has advised multiple executives in transforming their organization and business to new strategic frameworks. Peter’s track record includes multiple market and destination strategies, ideation and initiation of innovation projects and organisational transition processes. He has been Executive Vice President of Strategy and Market Communication with Wonderful Copenhagen, external expert advisor to the European Commission (EASME), Head of Analysis with Strategic Forum in Danish think tank Mandag Morgen.

Contact Peter Rømer Hansen on Peter@groupnao.com / +45 61613224

Junanto Xu

Research and Project Manager

Junanto joins Group NAO as a junior consultant in research and communications. With a background in tourism management and travel media, he is currently completing his Master’s programme in Sustainable Tourism Management with EMTM. Jun began his career in tourism as a Visual Lead and Digital Marketer with TripCanvas to inspire fellow wanderers to explore the better parts of the world. He then joined GDS-Movement as a Communications Changemaker, using his creativity and humour to amplify sustainable stories and generate greater positive impacts on the tourism industry and beyond. But most importantly, he is also an award-losing photographer and drone pilot; taking and editing pictures is his favourite way to escape reality. With Group NAO, Jun sets his sight to support the destinations and the broader visitor ecosystem in making tourism a regenerative force for good
Magnus Hessbo

Magnus Hessbo

Senior Advisor & Programme Lead

Magnus is a passionate advisor and programme manager that puts both heart and soul into Group NAO’s explorative missions. Magnus comes with a diverse background and experience within research, management, media, tourism and market intelligence, and he draws from it all, when he naturally finds alternative paths to solving unusual challenges. He is keen on learning new languages and loves the joyful melody of percentages and data. He has a unique talent to pedagogically communicate findings from big data sets, and his love for letters is just as big as for numbers. Group NAO’s curiosity levels are constantly recharged by Magnus, who is amongst others leading the joint learning programme “AI Opener for Destinations” throughout 2024. Magnus comes from a position as Marketing Manager Business Intelligence at Visit Stockholm, as well as Chairperson for the Knowledge Group “Research & Insights” at City Destinations Alliance.

Sarah Frosh

Research and Project Manager

Sarah drives the latest research being conducted at Group NAO, and has a strong commitment in community engagement to ensure those affected by decisions, are not just part of the discussion, but decide the agenda. Specialising in design and futures anthropology, Sarah has a deep understanding of how to engage with user needs in order to futureproof and pave way for holistic decision making. She has a skill in reading and adapting to the room, innate curiosity, sharp instincts and agile way of working. This allows her to create and maintain meaningful client relations, collaborations and partnerships. Her creative and energetic way of communicating means that whatever we are working on at NAO is both far reaching and eye-opening. She has worked with The Index Project to upskill designers, company leaders and universities with sustainable innovation and creative problem solving skills, and produced research for think tank Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies within the fields of artificial intelligence and healthcare.

Marianna Lubanski

Associated Senior Advisor & Head of Solutions Acceleration

Marianna Lubanski joins NAO as associated senior advisor and Head of Solutions Acceleration. Marianna is leading solutions acceleration of the X-Nordic Travel Contest, an ambitious programme initiated by Nordic Innovation and led by Group NAO. The XNTC aims at identifying, testing and accelerating sustainable and competitive solutions within the Nordic tourism and hospitality landscape. Marianna is also an angel investor and volunteer mentor for innovative startup pursuing sustainability in a broad sense. She is an experienced networker and connector of corporate and startups globally. Her career include positions as the CEO of the Danish Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, CEO of Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, Head of FDI in Copenhagen Capacity, and CEO of Science City Lyngby.

Emil Hansen

Associated Advisor - Strategy

Emil joins Group NAO as Associated Advisor - Strategy. With a strong analytical and strategic mindset, Emil's primary area of expertise lies at the intersection of business and politics, where he has +5 years of experience with advising companies, political stakeholders, and public organisations on strategic and business critical issues. Most recently, Emil worked as a Global Advisor in Danfoss - a large Danish multinational corporation operating in the energy sector - and has previously worked for various Copenhagen-based consultancies.

Emil holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in International Business & Politics from Copenhagen Business School.

Carina Ren

Carina Ren

Associated Senior Advisor - Research

Carina contributes as associated senior advisor to NAO’s research initiatives, designing innovative methodologies and analytical strategies to explore and make sense of places, cultures and their businesses. Carina has an impressive track record as a leading Nordic tourism scholars and has worked on areas such as digital tourism, Arctic tourism, culturally sensitive tourism and event valuation. Collaboration is central in her thinking and doing and Carina is a true bridge-builder working to connect tourism and other social fields through cultural and digital innovation, knowledge collaboration and value co-creation. At the core of all of this rests a firm belief in how things can become more meaningful, valuable and longer-lasting through the joint effort to build, share and learn - together.

Apart from leading and contributing to international research projects, Carina is an experienced keynote and invited speaker. She has published over 100 academic publications on topics such as destination development, collaborative research methodologies and knowledge co-creation in tourism and sits on the board of multiple international research and editorial boards.

Tobias Frost

Associated Advisor - Graphic Design

Tobias from StudioFrost is a graphic designer, specialized in design for print, which includes magazines and reports, visual and brand identities as well as campaigns. He works with a broad range of clients, both public and private, and has been working closely with Group NAO on several projects - including big reports like Arctic Horizon (Hundested med Horisont), Power Plant for the Planet (Svanemølleværket) as well as design of participatory walls for public engagement with Lillebælt (Middelfart & Fredericia Municipality & Bridgewalking Lillebælt).
See more at studiofrost.dk


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