Upclose and Liveable at WeMakeThe.City Festival in Amsterdam

In June, Signe Jungersted of Group NAO was invited to speak in a panel on Managing Tourism at the Upclose and Liveable Conference – as part of the programme for Amsterdam’s WeMakeThe.City Festival. The speakers were a great mix of urban developer professionals from architects to technologists, innovators, social activists, environmentalists and many more.

Here are some of the reasons why Signe found that this event stood out from the crowd:

1) It’s a festival made by a city for a city to engage a city in a conversation about and around the city.

2) The audience was a mix of professionals and interested locals – free of charge.

3) The conference ended with a great spoken-word wrap-up by Atta de Tolk.

4) The conference handout was a deck of 52 playing cards, developed by creative trainees of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area with facts and figures related to the challenges of nowadays metropoles worldwide.

5) The conference was followed up with this digital magazine, summarizing the different sessions and themes with links to all presentations. If you want to straight to the summary of the Managing Tourism session, you can do so here.

Upclose and Liveable Conference Magazine