Monitoring Sustainability of Tourism in the Nordics

In late 2020, Group NAO was commissioned to contribute to the development of a shared framework of understanding around existing efforts to address sustainability within the Nordic tourism landscape.

As part of facilitating discussions to reach a shared framework, Group NAO organised one workshop for project partners to outline a shared definition framework for sustainable tourism in the Nordics and 2 workshops, where experts on sustainable tourism from all over the Nordics were invited to join and contribute to a structured debate with the aim of examining the many issues and futures of sustainability and regeneration in tourism.

To facilitate a constructive discussion about future scenarios, exploring the options, actions and the possible outcomes when working towards sustainability in Nordic tourism, a Four Futures Framework analysis was carried out, facilitated by Group NAO.

Experts included international lead thinkers in the field of sustainability in tourism, like Jeremy Sampson (Travel Foundation), Elke Dens (formerly Visit Flanders, now Travl Foundation), Guy Bigwood (Global Destination Sustainability Movement), Jos Vranken (the national tourism board of the Netherlands, NBTC), Rosa Bada (Barcelona Tourism), Katarina Thorstensson (Göteborg & Co) and Idrissia Thestrup (Visit Greneland).

To facilitate a constructive discussion as part of exploring opportunities & challenges for sustainability in Nordic tourism, Group NAO facilitated a workshop and later summarised the discussed within the Four Futures Framework (originally conceived by futurist and Professor James Dator).

The project benefitted greatly from the participation, dialogue and contributions of over 70 Nordic and international experts who took part in the workshops, meetings and other platforms created by this project. Based on the results of these workshops, Group NAO submitted an interim report with a summary of findings and analysis from the workshop and webinars which provided an important contribution to the final report.


Nordic Council of Ministers, Iceland Innovation Center and Ministry of Industries & Innovation + Innovation Norway


Process design, mapping of existing practices, webinar and workshop planning and facilitation, scenario development, international expert involvement, summary report