The regional tourism and destination of Val di Sole (Northern Italy) has launched an open, involving, and communicative process towards their new sustainable tourism strategy. The process is titled Ritorno al Futuro (Future Back) and puts Quality of Life of locals at the heart and center of future tourism development.

The objective is to develop tourism not as goal in itself, but as a catalyst for environmental protection, business innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as a positive driver of social development and better quality of life for the people and communities of Val di Sole.

Group NAO are working with Val di Sole and Trentino School of Management as advisors to the process, which includes overall process development, research input, Future Back workshop design, as well as concept development of public activation. One example of public activation was an interactive wall installment and tour of the municipalities within the valley. The interactive walls were centerpieces of public events, engaging local residents in a conversation about their priorities and wishes for the future, and the role and value of tourism in support of that.


Val De Sole & Trentino School of Management: tsm


Group Nao is advisor and inspirator to the process towards a new vision for the destination. NAOs contribution has included overall process development, design and facilitation of Future Back workshops (including a train-the-trainer session with the team of Val di Sole), new participatory and engaging formats (interactive wall design), advising on research design and identifying relevant international best practices on sustainable tourism development for inspiration.