Re-United Destinations

After several years of separation, the member destinations of City Destinations Alliance (then: European Cities Marketing) re-united in Hamburg for the #ReUnitedDestinations Conference.

The big question of the 2-day conference: How can tourism be part of fixing the BIG problems of the world?

The conference welcomed speakers from around the world, including thought leaders like Jakob Trollbäck on the power of design in creating change, Benjamin Adrion on creating purpose through social business, or urban futurist Marianne Lefever on the future (un)health of cities.

The conference program was designed around innovative formats like the Court of Co-creation, Movement to Meet and Destination Leaders Unite. As part of this, Global Destination Sustainability Movement put sustainability on trial in an interactive session of discussing the role of DMOs in pushing forward the sustainable development of cities.

Group NAO developed the conference concept and design, the full program and moderated the 2-days of 50+ speakers.


City Destinations Alliance (then: European Cities Marketing)


Conference concept and design, Call for Speakers, curating and programming, 2-day conference moderation.