Tiny Houses To Make a Big Difference

NATURNAT (meaning: A Night in Nature) is the ambition to create a world class architectural accommodation experience in the wetlands of Denmark. NATURNAT is a pre-study on the potential of alternative tiny house accommodation, featuring among others a custom design tiny house Marskhuset by Vermland Architects in the unique natural heritage wetlands. World architecture in world nature, and sustainable tourism with a positive economic, social and environmental impact.

Commissioned by Tøndermarsk Initiativet, Group NAO partnered with Vermland Architects to develop the pre-study of NATURNAT as a socioeconomic impact project that creates value to the local community of Tønder.

Vermland Architects carried out the landscape analysis to decode the area’s genius loci, while Group NAO executed a stakeholder and market analysis, along with concept development of socioeconomic business models to outline the project’s commercial and social potential to the local area and community.


Tøndermarsk Initiativet


Vermland Architects


Concept creation and development, opportunity analysis, market trends, socioeconomic impact analysis, concept development of socioeconomic operational model in synergy with the landscape analysis and tiny house design of Vermland Architects