An Explorative Project on Artificial Intelligence ​in Destination Management & Marketing 

AI Opener for Destinations is an ongoing collaborative learning programme initiated and designed by Group NAO. It is a curious exploration into Generative AI and how its applications are changing the global landscape of tourism and destination, along with its impacts on the focus, functions, and competencies of NTOs, DMOs and CVBs. The goal of the programme is to enable and support the 57 destinations taking part in the programme when developing their own AI strategies and gaining the full creative and organisational potential of AI, without losing sight of the ethical and legal challenges that come with it. 

The learning programme is relevant to any destination that wants to empower its organisation with updated insights, use cases, inspiration, new tools, policies, strategic framework, and ethical guidelines in the deployment of AI technologies. 

Each month, the programme delves into a specific topic that enables the deployment of AI technologies across all functions of the DMO, such as overarching AI strategy, marketing, conventions and events, tourism information centres, placemaking, and more.  

To date, 34 European destinations/cities and 23 American destinations have joined the 12-month explorative programme that involves live learning sessions, prompt school, deep dives, boot camp, prototyping peers, and peer-sharing platform. The first European edition of ‘AI Opener for Destinations’ kicked off in late January 2024, followed by the US Cohort that started two months after in March 2024. The programme is also seeking possibilities to extend to Canada and APAC in the upcoming months (more details to come). 


  • 34 European destination partners 
  • 23 USA destination partners 
  • Strategic Partners and US Cohort Lead: Miles Partnership 
  • Collaborative Partners: City Destination Alliance (CityDNA) & European Travel Commission (ETC) 


Group NAO has conceptualised and designed the programme structure of AI Opener for Destinations. In the programme, we conduct extensive research (in partnership with CityDNA) and destination interviews. We curate and moderate the 12 online learning sessions (live). We created an online resource centre, built AI tools overview, and collected best practice case studies for all destination partners. In the upcoming months, both EU and US cohorts will hold an in-person, 2-day Learning Lab to explore AI strategy and frameworks for destinations. 


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