Welcome to Turismekollektivet

In the midst of pandemic crisis, South Coast Denmark / VisitSydsjælland Møn reached out to Group NAO to support them in finalizing their new destination strategy.

The strategy title and vision “Turismekollektivet” (in Danish) plays on the collective ownership and responsibility of the destination, on the competitive advantage of a destination driven by strong partnerships and on the collective experience of a place shared by locals and visitors.

The strategy sets out a shared Code of Conduct for the Tourism Co-Operative (Turismekollektivet):

  1. Tourism is not a goal in itself – but a means to create a liveable and thriveable local community.
  2. We are the product – and so, we have to be what we sell and sell what we are, based on our strong local identity and narrative.
  3. Nature rocks our rules – We do not wait for the guest to demand sustainability – we insist on it. It is ultimately the only way we can empower our destination and ensure the viability of communities and businesses.
  4. Better together – because the experience of quality and authenticity is not isolated, but coherent and we need to build a stronger sense of coherence and overall potential to inspire visitor loyalty and through that, more valuable visitors.


Adhering to the shared code of conduct, the strategy sets out five future pathways with community, sustainability and purpose in focus. Finally, a new set of KPIs and project initiatives to implement efficiently over the coming years.


Visit Sydsjælland-Møn


  • Research: Peter F. Würtz
  • Layout: Happyeverafter
  • Illustration: Mads Berg


Together with the the destination team of Visit Sydsjælland-Møn, we developed the strategy’s core narratives and key messaging, set new KPIs for the future and co-created a catalogue of strategic projects. In the process, we interviewed core stakeholders, developed strategy seminars and workshops for the VisitSydsjælland-Møn team, management group, advisory board and board for directors.