Innovation across the Nordic region for sustainable and competitive solutions

Group NAO is leading Nordic Innovation’s new, ambitious X-Nordic Travel Contest. Together with Happy42 and Design Nation, Group NAO will work with partners, innovation- and startup ecosystems, the tourism industry, universities and other interest holders across the Nordics to pinpoint the biggest challenges and opportunities ahead. Group NAO will lead this project through an innovation process of four phases to arrive at sustainable, relevant, and industry-ready solutions for Nordic tourism and beyond.

The project is a part of Nordic Innovation’s Tourism in the Nordics initiative, which aims to facilitate Nordic co-operation on innovation in the tourism industry, and to contribute to a more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable region. The X-Nordic Travel Contest will run until the end of 2024

The 1st phase will identify the key challenges and opportunities facing the sustainable and competitive development of tourism and tourism industry in the Nordic region. As part of this, Group NAO will map out key global trends, and conduct six collaborative workshops across the Nordic. In the end, the project will pinpoint the three main and high-potential opportunities to focus on in the coming phases.

In the 2nd phase, we will develop solutions to these main opportunities and challenges identified. We will engage the Nordic innovation and start-up ecosystems, universities and industry innovators to Solutions Camps and design sprints.

Then, in the 3rd phase, we will test and evaluate the selected solutions in different settings and formats, continuously adapting and re-testing. The testbeds will be identified to match the solutions, working with potential solution adopters.

Final and 4th phase will be all about promoting the developed solutions and identify potential to expand them beyond the initial testbed and market.



Group NAO and partners will develop and lead the project through opportunity mappings, research, workshops across the Nordics, communicate and promote the project activities, design and execute Solution Camps, design sprints and implement testbeds, as well as identify market opportunities and partnerships.