Strategies with Direction and Imagination

Strategy should set clear direction to where you want to go and consider the assets and resources you need to be successful. We believe that strategy is an ongoing analytical and imaginative exercise of what could and should be – and definitely not a PowerPoint to be updated every three years. We think strategies need to inspire movement and define purpose which is why collaboration and creative communication are paramount elements in every process we engage in.

The strategies we will develop together are not just a reflection of change around us but are also meant to create change in the arena or habitat where you operate.

Manifest and Creative Communication

You know it: There is a constant maelstrom of noise in the marketplace. That’s why your strategic communication has to be both manifest and creative. It should broadcast the values and beliefs of your business and define your purpose and personality in not just your area of business, but in a broader societal and global agenda. On a daily basis, we believe in working out loud – not just to get noticed, but to position your organisation in relation to shifting agendas and to engage with your network and the general public for collaboration and sourcing new ideas and solutions.

Our typical services include creative communication concepts for new policies, strategic initiatives and programs, network communication and stakeholder engagement and methodologies to work out loud. Group NAO can also help you communicate through business events and conferences, webinars, articles, manifests and more.

Agenda Setting and Policy Design

Group NAO are experts in policy design and strategic communication. We identify and analyse transformative agendas while striving to avoid the bias of immediate change. We look for the deeper structures, value systems and intentions that guide course and cause. We like to do our policy analysis and design in open collaborative processes – either where many stakeholders take part (i.e. what kind of city do we want?) or as multi-client projects where we and our partners work together in association.

Our services include trend analysis, stakeholder engagement, policy design, fundraising and partnering, agenda setting events and public communication strategies.

Ideas to Their Own Life

Great ideas are nothing in themselves. It is the ability to develop and realise them that makes the difference. We often work with partners and clients to make new ideas come to life – we capture and structure the “What if…?” thoughts and moments with effective facilitation and help you move on to actionable projects.  We also like to pop our own corn and move our ideas to life; with new accommodation concepts and designs, or with NAO-initiated studies of new curious topics which we invite multiple clients to join. You’re invited to make them happen with us. As our partner, client, collaborator, conspirer…

Our services include facilitation of innovation processes, mapping and analysing business opportunities and potential, proof of concept and management of collaborative innovation projects.

Inspirational Keynotes and Moderation

Group NAO founding partners, Signe Jungersted and Peter Rømer Hansen, are energy-giving public speakers and international keynotes on topics of localhood, community development, new tourism paradigms – all things tourism really – urban development, cultural new thinking, global next practices and imaginative forward thinking. We also conceptualize and moderate international events and conferences, physical, virtual or phygital.